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Periodontal Splint
Orthodontic Space Maintainer
Trauma Splint Case #1
Trauma Splint Case #2
Occlusal Splint
Periodontal Splint
Step 1
Rubber Dam placed.
Step 2
Shallow trench preparation and embrasures blocked out. Can only surface retain – no trench!
Step 3
Etch, rinse and dry. Apply bonding agent and light cure. Place flowable composite in trench preparation. Embed splint in flowable composite.
Step 4
Tac splint. The Stepper instrument is very handy to prevent the light from curing the rest of the splint.
Step 5
Splint tacked on the teeth.
Step 6
Cover with composite.
Step 7
Finish and polish splint.
Orthodontic Space Maintainer

Trauma Splint Case #1
Displacement of an upper permanent tooth

The 13-year old male patient had an accident involving his bicycle and received a blow in the anterior region of his maxilla. The clinical examination showed displacement of his upper anterior tooth (21). Whilst radiographs indicated no bone- or dental fractures, substantial soft-tissue damage occurred.

After the tooth was re-positioned in the dental surgery, a trauma splint was bonded onto the labial surfaces of the upper anterior teeth. everStick® Ortho (Stick Tech Ltd) was bonded to the teeth using Xeno® III (Dentsply) and Tetric® Flow (Ivoclar Vivadent) as luting cement.

Trauma Splint Case #2
Occlusal Splint
Mobile premolar with fractured filling causing food impaction.
Labial view.
Amalgam restorations removed.
Extend the margins supra-gingivally.
Fibres placed. Use a wooden wedge to keep embrasure spaces open.
Restorations completed.
Bite adjusted.
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