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Benefit from your Laboratory's Expertise

For the Ultimate Patient Satisfaction
Fibre Reinforced Composites (FRC) offer dentists an outstanding option for solving many different treatment needs – including those that have not been previously fulfilled due to the high cost or complexity of conventional treatment methods.

Stick fibre reinforcements provide a metal free alternative for strengthening most composite and acrylic laboratory processed constructions and appliances. With Stick reinforced restorations dentists can provide their patients with unparalleled aesthetics and comfort compared to the use of conventional prosthodontics.

Truly Long-term Dental Care
The use of fibre reinforced composites in dental care – for both young and old – never rules out other treatment options. As the mouth is a biological entity, where changes naturally take place over time, treatment methods should be reversible. This encourages minimally invasive treatment methods, where healthy tooth structure is saved for as long as clinically possible. Other treatment options still remain available should your patient ever need them in the future. Stick constructions provide your patients with truly long-term dental care.

Benefits for the Patient
For the patient, the strength and durability of Stick fibre reinforced constructions mean significant financial savings and less discomfort, while the need to repair constructions is minimised. This means less time-consuming visits to the dentist for adjusting and repairing the work.

Unparalleled Strength
According to long-term clinical and scientific research with the world's leading universities, Stick reinforced bridges are as strong – or even stronger – than traditional metal ceramic structures. Similarly, dentures reinforced with Stick fibre reinforced acrylics are shown to resist fracturing and breakages significantly better than when no reinforcements or other materials are used. Hundreds of scientific articles have already been published on the use of fibre reinforced composites and Stick materials.

Excellent Bond Strength
The bonding capability of Stick and everStick to composite resin, adhesive/composite cements and acrylic denture base materials has been shown to be excellent. The increase in bond strength is achieved by the unique Interpenetrating Polymer Network structure (IPN structure) within Stick polymer matrices.

Outstanding Technical Properties
Stick products are bondable to most resins and acrylics alike, even after final curing. This means you can make reliable surface retained restorations and repairs if necessary. This property clearly separates Stick and everStick products from all other materials. IPN makes it possible to prepare reliable laboratory-manufactured surface retained restorations with Stick materials – this is not possible with any other FRC material.

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