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The Stick Bond fibre reinforced composite system consists of thousands of parallel glass fibre strands imbedded in a multiphase bis-GMA polymer resin matrix, the same matrix you will find in an ordinary composite (combination of an organic matrix and inorganic filling particles) dental filling. The inorganic filler particles are responsible for the physical properties of the composite material. By employing these fibres you can now change and strengthen physical properties of the composite you are already using in your practice. It also means that you can polish these fibres as smooth as any composite restoration employing proven polishing techniques. The patented bis-GMA polymer resin matrix, on the other hand, ensures that you can bond these fibres to dentine and enamel with the acid-etch technique, obtaining average bonding values of 26 MPa. A further advantage of this matrix is that it will bond very well to the composite you are already using, ensuring that structures you build on the fibre framework will not de-bond.


Figure 1 – Crown and Bridge Fibres
Crown and Bridge fibres are bonded between the retainer teeth and a pontic is built up on the sturdy framework using various techniques.

Figure 2 – Periodontal Splints

Figure 3 – Orthodontic Retainers and Space Maintainers

Figure 4 – Trauma Splinting with Fibre Net

Figure 5 – Occlusal Splint

Figure 6 – Anatomical Posts
Anatomical Posts are manufactured in the surgery according to the anatomy of the specific post space and then bonded to the root. A core build-up procedure is then completed and followed by a crown procedure. Alternatively a clinical crown can be built up with composite by utilizing various different construction methods.

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